«They come in all shapes and sizes,» said McCarthy

22, 2013)The dozens of guns collected each week by Chicago police officers are stored inside an expansive warehouse in a location undisclosed to the public.From Cheap Celine Bags https://www.savecelinehandbags.com/ Cheap Celine Handbags the floor almost to the ceiling, row after row, shelf after shelf and bin after bin, are guns.»We’ve recovered more than 6,500 guns so far in 2013, and every year for I don’t know how long the Chicago Police Department has recovered more guns than any police department in the country,» police Supt. Garry McCarthy said as he provided NBC Chicago a recent, exclusive peek inside the facility.His statistics indicate CPD officers recover nearly twice as many guns as officers in Los Angeles and New York City combined.Related: Colbert Compares Syrian Violence to Chicago’sFormer Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Makes Chicago Iraq ComparisonThe «gun vault, » or the Evidence and Recovered Property Warehouse, as it’s formally known by the department, is currently holding approximately 80,000 guns. There about 56,000 handguns, nearly 2,000 assault weapons and 21 machine guns.»They come in all shapes and sizes,» said McCarthy.

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