Things tend to last longer too when you not dealing with the

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First off summer vacations barely last two months now and typically teachers work two weeks best moncler jackets in the beginning of the summer as well as two weeks preceding the new school year for class room clean up and set up meaning for summer they get a month tops. Most teachers either teach summer school, or have some other job in the summer so cheap moncler jackets really, they’re not even taking that off.

Winter holidays, students get a week and a half off, teachers get a week because that half week is spent in inservice days, or trainings cheap moncler jackets mens they need to attend to keep their certifications. These also usually fall right before or right after exams meaning moncler sale that teachers are most likely spending that week prepping moncler outlet online for cheap moncler sale or grading exams.

Moving on to that week long spring break, if the teachers aren’t spending moncler online store it uk moncler outlet grading or working on prepping for classes this may be one of two week long vacations they actually take in the entire year.

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Funny story about an actual period dream: I was twelve and had just started one of my cheap moncler coats mens first periods while on a camping trip I didn want to be on, so I was obviously having a great time already, but the best part was having to go to bed in one of those diaper thick pads. So middle of the night having one of those dreams where you really have to go to the bathroom but can find any where to go, I sort of woke up and convinced myself I could uk moncler sale just go and the pad would soak it all up, so I went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning confused and soaked moncler outlet prices in piss and blood.

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He already been suffering from depression, and started having a bad trip because he invited a bunch of people over for his birthday and then they all pretty much ignored him. He ended up in his bedroom by himself in a pretty dark and unhealthy drug fueled cycle where he also unfortunately had a shotgun he recently acquired. The combination of the drugs and his already messed up mental state led him to do something I don think he would have otherwise done.

I had personally warned him against doing it because I knew about his mental health problems and knew that in the event of a cheap moncler jackets womens bad trip he could end up worse; I never thought he end up dead. Because I had taken a moncler womens jackets negative stance about it I wasn invited to that party, part of me is glad, and part of me is guilty, but mostly I just miss him.

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Jesus. I get intrusive thoughts and my brain is essentially gunning for me to severely mutilate and kill myself, or ruin my possessions. If I’m standing on a bridge, my biggest impulse is always to either jump or throw my phone over the edge. If I’m driving, it’s always just steer into oncoming traffic/off this overpass. What’s the worst that could happen? On the back of my boyfriends motorcycle, what if you just tucked and rolled off the bike right now? Wouldn’t that be hilarious? What if you took the knife you’re using to cut veggies moncler outlet store and just rammed it into your arm? Oh, you broke a glass? Eat the shards. What if you just punched this window? You should definitely do it. I never act on those impulses but my brain is always urging me to do ridiculously dangerous moncler sale outlet things. And those impulses are honestly hard to resist. My brain for biggest douchebag of the year award.

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I was originally diagnosed with just depression but after trying some meds and them just pushing me into a terrifying state of mania, and a longer period of observing my moods they realized that I was bipolar heavy on the depression with short cycles of mania that were almost cancelled out by seasonal symptoms making it hard to diagnose initially.

Despite my diagnosis and shitty history with moncler uk outlet meds doctors refuse to try me on anything other than anti depressants, even though it been suggested by former therapists I could be helped by a mood stabilizer. I have given up on professional help and just try to take each day as it comes.

The shit bees are always there, but as long as I can I gonna fight them because I fucking hate shit bees.

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Honestly because I love them. I moncler outlet woodbury love all his flaws because I love him entirely, his bad jokes, his messiness, the way he moncler outlet hogs moncler usa the bed some nights, or how he can be too much of a push over some times. Sometimes I get annoyed or upset with him obviously, but I genuinely can imagine leaving him or what I would do if he left me. He makes my life so wonderful all the time that it easy to let go of all the little things, and the big ones we always work together to resolve.

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I personally love g spot stimulation so I like to put a silicone plug in my vagina so I get stimulation from both sides, 10/10, no direct clit stimulation, happy as can be, better than regular sex. I also have an almost over sensitive clit and past a certain point touching it or using a vibrator just pushes me past a point of enjoyment. I am apparently in the only 20% of women like this though.

As mentioned lube and foreplay are important as is type of lube, I like water based wth numbing agents, but everyone has to figure out what right for them.

I also do the full porn star treatment and enema all of my shit out, it just makes it way more enjoyable for me and for him. Things tend to last longer too when you not dealing with the smell and mess of poop every where too.

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I always used to volunteer to help out with first day registration at my middle school. All my friends gave me crap for being a teacher pet/suck up. The real reason I did it was if you volunteered you got to pick your locker rather than having one randomly assigned. And I had a moncler sale online gigantic crush on my English teacher. So both 7th and 8th grade years of middle school I wound up with a locker directly across from his classroom so I could see him every day. And I found the most ridiculous excuses possible to have discount moncler jackets to go to my locker. I may have also sent him the world most cringe inducing anonymous valentine my 8th grade year. I pretty sure he knew it was me but I didn care I was completely smitten.

So it was kind of like that episode of The Simpsons where Lisa gets a crush on Mr. Bergstrom. Except it wasn charming in any way. It was awkward and terrible and a wee bit stalkerish. Not having the chance to apologize to him for being such a fucking weirdo is among my biggest regrets in life (unfortunately he died unexpectedly just after I started high school).

Edit: No I didn’t kill him. I could’ve phrased that better. He had a massive heart attack while at school (thankfully NOT while he was teaching). It was unexpected because he was very vocally a vegetarian and very into running. Also whoever moncler outlet sale gilded me I’m glad you enjoyed my cringiness. 🙂

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I did something similar working in a sandwich shop where we used paper slips to take the order on and the persons name and then men moncler coats rubber band the slip back to the sandwich.