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best ways to build canada goose uk outlet a network with professors

Your post should comprise a question (albeit potentially an open ended one) and must contain sufficient information to enable posters to provide an effective answer. This canada goose factory sale might include, for example, your Canada Goose Parka career stage, your subject canada goose clearance sale discipline, the type of institution you affiliated with, and/or the country you in. canada goose clearance Mods official canada goose outlet may delete posts which do not provide enough context.

Current and former undergraduates, graduates, PhDs, canada goose coats post docs, canada goose black friday sale professors and laymen all welcome!

Questions about your canada goose outlet uncontrollable desire for your student/professor will be deleted. You know it inappropriate, and Canada Goose sale we not canada goose jacket outlet going to tell you any different. Your university canada goose probably has confidential counseling; make use of it.

Questions canada goose outlet jackets about what university you should attend will be referred to /r/college.

Code of conduct

If a reasonable person wouldn say it to a professor/colleague/conference canada buy canada goose jacket goose outlet reviews speaker they don know well, it probably over canada goose black friday sale the line. This includes off topic and unproductive discussion as well as cheap canada goose uk rudeness.

Disagreement is completely fine, encouraged even, when there are different perspectives to share. canada goose store If an idea is canada canada goose coats on sale goose outlet nyc a bad one, please do tell someone that it canada goose outlet parka is in no uncertain terms. Avoid ad hominem attacks, treat canada Canada Goose Jackets goose outlet in usa people canada goose outlet toronto factory online broadly as a reasonable canada goose outlet black friday person would treat a relative stranger in person, and help us out by reporting canada goose outlet sale any posts which fall foul of this policy. You need a genuine shared interest with a professor on a topic in a field before they begin investing Canada Goose Online their own time and resources.

Take a step back and canada goose uk black friday ask yourself what you are interested in. Do you have an idea about canada goose outlet uk sale the career(s) you are interested in, or a potential topic canada goose for a thesis that you think you want to do even if it canada goose outlet new york city a few years away? Are there professors who have experience with this topic? Those are the people you want to reach buy canada goose jacket cheap out to. Here are some avenues you can canada goose uk shop take, but the trick is you actually have to put in the work for each. If you are genuinely interested in something, you be excited to take the next step on all of these Canada Goose Coats On Sale anyway:

a. Ask if they recommend that canada goose outlet shop you audit an advanced class/graduate seminar on your shared interest

b. Ask if they recommend canada goose outlet uk a resources on topic x, because you are really interested in hypothesis y on shared interest

c. Ask if they know anyone with career experience in field x, and if they be willing canada goose factory outlet to put you in touch

The best thing to do generally is to talk to them in person during office hours (if you taking a class with them). Some schools even offer programs where you can get a voucher to buy your professor a coffee, or invite them Canada Goose Outlet to a department dinner. Look for these opportunities and use them! Meeting in person lets them get to Canada Goose online know you, but more importantly you get a uk canada goose very quick idea of whether they would be a good mentor. Sometimes people are intellectual giants but difficult to hold a conversation with even in their own canada goose outlet store field, so be wary goose outlet canada of that.

If this canada goose outlet store uk is someone you be interested in receiving mentorship from, follow up your in person meeting with a short email that shows you took some initiative on whatever topic was discussed. Professors are people. They want to cheap Canada Goose invest time uk canada goose outlet and energy into a student who is self motivated, canada goose outlet canada because they feel that they more canadian goose jacket likely to see and investment on return. That why approaching them with platforms for a shared interest like a thesis, or asking for additional resources can be the best route: Show them that you worth canada goose outlet online investing in because you asking them to help you to build canada goose outlet online uk your own vision, instead of asking them to draw it for you.