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Maghrebian paternal line: DNA of the Y chromosome

The most common haplogroups of the Y chromosome of the North Africans (Berber-speaking and Arabic-speaking) the most common are the Berber marker E1b1b1b (M81) (65% on average) and the Arabic marker J1 (M267) (15% on average). More than 80% of Maghrebians

E1b1b1b is the marker
J1 is a «Semitic» haplogroup very common in the Arabian Peninsula, with frequencies around 70% in
According to the data in the table entitled » Paternal lineage: the DNA of the Y chromosome «contained in the Wikipedia article on the Maghrebians, we calculated that, on average, among the Maghrebians, the Berber marker is the majority at 59.6%, and that the Arab marker is minority at 20.6%.

Hermes Replica Maternal line: mitochondrial DNA

According to the same table cited above, studies show that the general mitochondrial genetic structure of Maghreb populations is composed mostly haplogroups (H, J, T, V …) common in European populations (45 to 85%), L-haplogroups (3 to 50%) very common in sub-Saharan populations, and other haplogroups very
Conclusions of genetics

average, the Maghrebian is, globally,:

— to 60% of Berber descent and to 20% of Arab descent on the paternal side,

— to more than 50% of various ancestry, which he shares with the Europeans, on the side
The defenders of the hegemony, or even the exclusivity of the Arabo-Muslim character of the Maghreb, try to erase from the collective memory all the other components of the national or Maghreb identity and to impose an extraterritorialof the nation state, in this case the Islamic Ummah, this soft and shapeless assembly, prelude to the dissolution of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco in an archaic caliphate and

The Berber language of our first Maghrebi ancestors has become a minority today: almost eradicated in Tunisia and Libya, it is still alive in Morocco and in
The current Maghreb speak, in majority, a common language, the darija or
Like, in addition, the Phoenician language and the Arabic language are Semitic languages, they have many terms common or phonetically
Since these prehistoric times, this Maghrebian language — so much despised by the Maghreb political authorities, all tendencies — persists and continues at. Hermes Replica Belt

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