Virginia did so six years ago

And I like to joke. I don’t like how the climate has gone joke wise. I understand totally when people are offended by jokes. Whatever psychological walls used to exist to mark Labor Day as the end of summer and the beginning of a fresh school year are crumbling like a sand castle in the evening tide.Maintaining the traditional summer recess has been a big issue in other states, some of which have passed legislation forbidding the opening of public school prior to Labor Day.Virginia did so six years ago, despite protests from individual school boards that considered the school opening date a local issue. Some of the Old Dominion’s major tourism attractions, such as Colonial Williamsburg and King’s Dominion amusement park, were concerned that condensing summer by a week would rob them of both employees and clientele. Even though schools close earlier in June when they open before Labor Day, families don’t seem geared up to travel that early in the summer.But while the issue stirred passions elsewhere, Marylanders haven’t gotten excited about the apparent end of the traditional close of summer.

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