We are looking at staying at this resort

It wouldn necessarily be a blood relative but could easily be family through marriage.Edumesh 2 points submitted 5 days agoI’m aware that repeating strikes is simply a gameplay mechanic for those outside of the CoO ones, but they happen canonically at least once.Sepiks Prime dies in the first strike of D1, and when he comes back as Sepiks Perfected it’s explained why. There’s also a reasonable time frame for his resurrection.Omnigul dies in her strike, but she comes back in Age of Triumph and it’s explained how and why.Nokris and Xol «die» in the Warmind campaign, but then they’re back in their strikes without any explanation or acknowledgement as to how or why they did it. The strikes don’t even seem as their own events, but rather part of Ikora’s meditations.

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