When the week started, her projections were in the 180 200

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Canada Goose Jackets As a Dex fan, there’s no reason to pay buy canada goose jacket for a Dex album. Dude puts out free music consistently, and not surprisingly, his album sounded like any of those free songs (aside from Pick It Up and maybe a few others). You stream his music because he produces so much where a song from 3 uk canada goose 4 months ago almost feels old, and his style canada goose uk outlet switches up comepletely. Why pay money for something so fickle and free to stream. He’s a soundcloud rapper still.Also, I’m not really feeling all his chill ass songs. I used to come cheap canada goose uk to Dex for over the top canada goose store hype ness (oh man goddamn), and now his songs are very mellow, Canada Goose Jackets which in my opinion, doesn’t work as well with his very simplistic lyrics/themes. His hype was kind of what gave his music its charm or point imo.I get Xan aesthetic, I do. There something about his hazy sound and https://www.arconserve.ca that disaffected delivery that works. My biggest qualm with Xan is the fact that cheap Canada Goose I swear to god his lyrics are just the random shit a kid who only listened to Spotify and SoundCloud playlists would come up with. It just incoherent and canada goose flits randomly between various hip hop cliches. Lyricism isn what sells tapes these days. well produced trap beats, flow, the right persona, trendy subject matter and the right people canada goose black friday sale backing your drop does enough these days. People want party music not complex vesrses.This is not me trashing canada goose clearance cardi (loved her project), and I don dislike Xan that much.But on the other hand, look how long FBZ has stayed on the radar even without dropping massive hits, they clearly have a dedicated fanbase. we see if Lil Xan stays relevant.The have a persona but it’s pretty vague, they have good trap style beats but they aren’t really bangers, their music overal is bouncy but not really catchy.It’s Canada Goose sale almost like they are just missing a special «something» to make them finally hit it.FBZ has a dedicated fanbase but they aren’t really lyrical at all. They just canada goose coats on sale sound good over the beats Erick produces but canadian goose jacket at the end of the day, aren’t really SAYING anything in their rhymes. Just my 2 centsGood points, I agree with all of them,I guess it less lyrical I meant, and more technicality of the verses, Flatbush is just better at this when looking at wordplay and such than most SoundCloud rappers currenlty (VIH is not a prime example). And they definitely missing that «thing» that makes them blow up, Palm trees Canada Goose Online got close but nothing really has since.And I not saying there aren good technical rappers, or lyrical rappers that are huge, Canada Goose online or that that all that matters in hip hop.Looking at 2016: she outsold BRUNO MARS, Kendrick (untitled unmastered, not an official album. Still though), Future, Rhianna, Kevin Gates, canada goose uk shop Khaled, Schoolboy, Travis Scott, Gucci, Ferg, Thug, YG, Meek, Post Malone (weak first week but its longevity is unchallenged. We see how long her project stays around.)In the past two years, the only people who beaten her buy canada goose jacket cheap first week SPS are Drake, Beyonce, J Cole, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Jay Z, Eminem, Logic and Canada Goose Parka Kendrick (for DAMN.) That fucking absurd. In terms of pure sales she in the lower end of the top 20, but albums that have majority pure plummet off the charts extremely fast. Logic debuted 1 with 251K (199K pure) and plummeted to 11 second week. Gorillaz debuted 2 last year with 135K (108K pure), fell to 9 second week, and crashed to 35 in its canada goose uk black friday third.The real question is the album longevity on the charts, as we seen a lot of high debuts with massive falls (Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, etc). However, this is most common for albums with majority pure sales, and 59% of IOP figures come from streams. When the week started, her projections were in the 180 200 range Canada Goose Coats On Sale but they canada goose factory sale skyrocketed, and some non single tracks such as I Do and I Like It are dominating streaming charts on Spotify and Apple canada goose coats Music.Barring a massive PR blunder or collapse in popularity, Cardi canada goose outlet nyc seems Canada Goose Outlet like she here to stay. When someone sells this high on their debut, its usually only down from here, but if she can stay in the 100K camp for her next few releases, she has a very promising career ahead of canada goose clearance sale her Canada Goose Jackets.