When you consult a marabout or fetishist

gains the most from gop tax plan

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The first people responsible for these rituals are those marabouts and fetishers who demand from their subjects these things. What happens when you visit a witch doctor or marabout?
When you consult them after having given you instructions of what you must do to solve your case, they make a recitation or an invocation of
Why human blood and not that of animals? br>
It’s very simple, the marabou or fetishist is at a low level of what I call «the chain of evil». When you consult a marabout or fetishist, he will mystically in the mystical world plead your case with his master but he will not tell you
Why slice the head and not just take a syringe to draw blood?
All simply because the sacrifice has value only when it is of a certain
That is why we must vote a law punishing its authors and practices in order to save lives. Hermes Birkin Replica

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‘Equinox’ This is a Period when this Demon
Name of # MOLOCH Who is the Demon of
Prosperity claims Blood of Liters from Blood. So there will be a lot of accidents,
of aggression no one will shed the blood of the other.
Pray a lot and may God protect you and your families from these evil spells. Hermes Replica Bags

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Hermes Kelly Replica The State of Côte d’Ivoire wants CFAF 6,756,000,000,000 (the budget) to operate, but the tax revenues it is able to collect do not exceed CFAF 3,406,000,000 or a gap of about 2,595,000,000,000 f CFA that must be filled then the state will seek new Hermes Replica debts (in domestic debt as in external debt).but this new debt must allow first to pay the charges of old debts at height 1547 000 000 000 CFA so it will not be used to make investments in clear money will not be enough. The state will seek non-tax funding but it will not be enough. So the state decides to raise taxes and create new — We look at young girls, we know they consume a lot of wicks so we give them a tax
— We take young people who have tricycles like livelihoods and we put a tax on them
— We say to the informal «you will be formalized so now look for balance sheets, operating accounts and especially change the level of taxation» forgetting that there, we create the conditions that will push many SMEs to return to the informal sector. Even see them — we will tax the plantations per hectare but we give no land title to And yet there is money in the country! The Ivory Coast is rich:
Let’s look for example on the side of the urban property tax: the houses come out of earth every day in Abidjan at the very point where we have seen the extension of the city of
Another thing there are many institutions totally unitile that can be removed to bail out the coffers of the state:
— The big Chancery will make us 1,500,000,000 FCFA saved
— The Economic and Social Council will save us 5,500,000 FCFA
— The house of kings and traditional chiefs will save us 4,000,000,000 CFA — The mediation will make us 2,900,000,000 FCFA will make 3 300 000 000 FCFA of- If we reduce theWe can win some — The esplanade of the presidency will make us CFA 7,500,000,000- The former residences of the heads of state in the interior of the country will make https://www.hermesblack.com us 1500 million CFA francs. — The general inspectorate of state that is useless we can do without it
— The high authority for the good governance which is useless at all since the markets are passed by mutual agreement. National human rights commission that is also useless Hermes Kelly Replica.