Yet, it doesnt apply that cinematic throughline to its villain,

Avengers Infinity canada goose factory sale War Spoilers

Personally I don think making Hela the same character canada goose factory outlet would have been a good uk canada goose outlet idea; the whole point about Death, at least in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, is that she neither evil nor good, she just is, which is why she doesn appreciate Thanos going against the natural order of things, besides him not getting the hint that she not into him. He nettled that people didn listen to his insane plan. His only supporting evidence is the one time it did kind of worked, if you ignore the fact that half the population is canada goose outlet jackets dead.It went from «my plan could have worked» to «my plan WOULD have worked» to «my plan DID work, now I repeat it on a universal scale».»Why didn he canada goose store use the Gaunlet canada goose jacket outlet to make universe peace?» Because he canada goose uk outlet doesn want universal peace, he canada goose outlet store uk wants to be right. Also canada goose outlet online because «villain does completely logical and altrustic thing that no one would actually be against» doesn make for a movie.»Why did Star Lord attack Thanos instead of waiting for the Gauntlet to be pried off?» What, you mean the Canada Goose sale galaxy biggest douchebag, who immediately flipped his shit when he learned his canada goose cheap Canada Goose outlet online uk god like father killed his mother, flipped his shit when he learned his girlfriend died for Canada Goose Jackets nothing and the murderer is right in his face, defenseless?»Why didn Dr. Strange just kick Thanos ass now / use the Time Stone and get the canada goose outlet canada gauntlet?» Because he fail. By the time they get to Titan he already has most of the stones. «What is his great plan?» See you in Avengers 4.The whole «why didn Canada Goose Parka everyone do the absolutely perfect thing that would immediately end the movie before it even began» critique is Canada Goose online not Canada Goose Outlet really good critique.Although Infinity War does try to have its cake and eat it canada goose outlet reviews too, by having so many hope spots and close calls while telling us that the only way they win is if they lose, and that we yet to see any of those outcomes. I don mind if Canada Goose Online people go «if character did x, Thanos wouldn have y», but when it «oh, the characters dropped the idiot ball» or «oh, it bad canada goose outlet shop writing that Thor didn aim for the head», like, canada goose coats on sale it okay guys, it a movie. Bad canada goose outlet uk things are supposed to happen. You can thwart phase one.Yet, it doesnt apply that cinematic throughline to its villain, which is where this disconnect happens. It has to canada goose outlet nyc give everyone the canada goose black friday sale idiot ball except for Thanos to justify itself.Even canada goose uk shop official canada goose outlet if Thanos succeeds because Peter struggles to shoot Gamora, the movie still thinks Peter is right to have not done it.The movie also supports goose outlet canada Thanos canada goose outlet toronto factory aims of killing half of existence so to say that the movie has some badly established priorities canadian goose jacket is an understatement.I feel like the movie buy canada goose jacket argument is the most canada goose uk outlet extreme version of the «Batman won kill the Joker even though he continue to take lives»In spite of that, the movie brings up an argument against that the first time Vision canada goose outlet uk sale suggests destroying the Mind Stone. He points out that Cap was willing to kill himself to stop canada goose outlet in usa the Red Skull canada goose outlet and that the Avengers were willing canada goose to die to stop Ultron.Can canada goose clearance you give me canada goose uk black friday some examples where you thought cheap canada goose uk the movie passed the canada goose outlet black friday idiot ball to one of the heroes?The movie canada goose clearance sale also supports Thanos aims of killing canada goose coats half of existenceYou definitely need to explain this one uk canada goose to me. The movie buy canada goose jacket cheap frames Thanos as unequivocally cracked. He a madman who abuses the people we come to love over 18 other films and then kills everyone. It doesn need to blare a flashing sign that says, «This guy is evil!», because it already does. The only sympathetic lens canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet parka we get of Thanos is canada goose outlet store to understand that he thinks he right, but no one in the audience thinks he right, even if it just at the most basic level as «I don want him to kill Spider Man».That what makes him scary. He thinks a plan that is completely bonkers is correct, will not listen to anyone else, and has unlimited power to follow canada goose outlet sale through with it.Another comment in this thread but:The express intent of the Russo brothers and what comes across in the movie is that we are supposed to see Thanos plan as the worst way of doing the right thing.But this isn true in the slightest, canada goose black friday sale and would go against literally everything else in this franchise, especially the themes and intent of the Russo Bros. Captain America trilogy. The most we get of the results of Thanos plan are the visceral carnage and the destruction of people we already root for that not a good argument in his defense. The best he has is that he says Gamora planet is all great and wonderful now, but has anyone canada goose outlet new york city visited it.