Your dex also affects spell casting speed

Best PVE build

I think canada goose outlet parka it more of a preference question.I like a faith/quality build for pve. With canada goose factory sale any blessed Canada Goose Outlet canada goose outlet online canada goose uk weapons you can stop reviving enemies, you can heal with spells, canada goose outlet new york canada goose uk shop city and if you Canada Goose online canada goose outlet sale have the right stat spread you can wield a good variety of weapons. Canada Goose sale You also have access to several infusions. Lightning is the biggy here but chaos and dark aren bad either although the my aren canada buy canada goose jacket goose outlet online optimized. Lots of enemies in the game are susceptible to being stunned by fire and lightning and you have access to both. You also Canada Goose Jackets gain access to the best cheese spell in the game (imo) dorhy gnawing. There are plenty of bosses that melt to this spell. You also canada goose jacket outlet get poison and toxic mist which canada goose outlet shop are great for a few other bosses. The only big cheese spell you don get is pestilent mist but that really the only downside as far as pve goes. You have weapon buffs for everything canada goose outlet toronto factory except for fire and plenty of spells that cure effects, heal passively and even stop other canada goose coats on sale spell casters. Not to mention ToD.The downsides to this canada goose store build are as follows. You going Canada Goose Parka to suffer in canada goose factory outlet one stat or another, your strength may not be optimal for some canada goose canada goose coats outlet uk canada goose in usa ultra weapons but you can two hand the rest. I canada goose uk outlet suggest 18 str so that you have access to uk canada goose outlet astora canada goose outlet uk sale great sword in case you need to make a trade but I would canada goose clearance recommend 24 for Lothric knight gs and great hammers.Your dex also affects spell casting speed. 40 would be optimal but this build doesn rely on spell canada goose uk black friday damage so do with it goose outlet canada as you will.Hp and stamina canada cheap Canada Goose goose outlet store should be as canada goose outlet black friday close to 40 and 35 as you canada goose outlet reviews can get them but you can use prisoners chain to make up the difference.As far as mana goes I like having 3 spell slots so 18 att but that a preference.You can take faith to 60 if you like but then why not go full caster? I keep mine at 45, you get all of the benefits of infusion and you can slap Canada Goose Online a ring on for better spell damage if it comes to that. This lets me put levels into wherever I suffering so that I can be less canada goose jackets squishy.All in Canada Goose Coats On Sale all a powerful build that benefits canada goose black friday sale from canada goose outlet uk its utilities. In pvp if you know what your doing it great. You have an arsenal of canada goose outlet jackets canadian goose jacket weapons at your disposal and some canada goose outlet nyc of the better spells.Mercenary with the sellsword twinblades and later on the astora greatsword for staggering/range will destroy most enemies easily, grab a bow for ranged damage. Resins help with more damage early on but really, you don need them. The L1 combo then rolling away works well. It also has pretty longer range than it appears and reasonably canada goose black friday sale good stagger potential.Pure strength is also very viable albeit slower canada goose outlet store uk swings for higher damage + stagger per hit and more easy guard cheap canada goose uk breaking. I advise a faster weapon too, like the mace or the brigand axe for certain enemies. Farm for the greataxe at highwall and pick the warrior. You have to up your vitality a bit and/or buy different armour to roll well but it worth it.Pyro is also able to break the canada goose clearance sale game in two. Pick pyro, one point in dex, one point in faith, grab a longsword canada goose outlet and put points in vitality/attunement as needed. Int/faith is used when you need more damage.Grab a crossbow for pulling enemies.Pyro is generally what I consider the best build. Between the dark battle axe from the mimic on high wall, fireball/orb and official canada goose outlet boulder heave, you can take on most things. Even with just fireball and the deep battle canada goose outlet canada axe, you not going to face an enemy that buy canada goose jacket cheap resists both dark and fire so you can swap around.