Comparable statline, dominant on both ends, almost matched

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Cavs can just trade him for a high pick or something like that because he a 30 year old with a history of back problems who hasn appeared capable of carrying an offense in the past 4 years. He a phenomenal complimentary piece so long as he not creating the offense (at this stage, anyway). I think because of that, the Cavs would have to give up a pick or young player as well, which would really put a strain on their quest to rebuild which they have to do if LeBron were gone. If Portland would tailed off down the stretch they would be moncler sale outlet facing some tough decisions, and I wonder if the Cavs could swung some kind of deal where Love goes home to Oregon and McCollum comes to Cleveland, but the Cavs would probably needed to add a pick and/or another player. Of course, Portland did get hot and looks good going into the playoffs, so that probably off the table.

I think the Cavs could get a late first rounder, a prospect, and an expiring deal best moncler jackets (from a good team) for him at some moncler online store point, but it might not be right away. The sooner moncler sale online they did it, the cheapmoncler more they get as his contract would be longer, but hard to say. Not that I think Denver has any interest in Kevin Love, but let pretend Paul Millsap was abducted by aliens and they need a PF/C. Love (and a salary match) for whoever they pick in the 1st round uk moncler outlet this year, Faried Darrell Arthur expiring contract, plus a future pick. I could see that kind of package, even if that particular moncler outlet woodbury one is 100% dumb for both sides.

For a guy who been an all star the last two years, Love trade value is puzzlingly low. I suspect that he would be a very hot commodity again if he played a year cheap moncler jackets without LeBron, though. Chris Bosh basically had the exact same stat depression when we went to Miami and quickly became the Heat resident stat sheet stuffer when LeBron returned to Cleveland. Love has the advantage of being a better pure shooter and passer than cheap moncler coats mens Bosh (as well as not having a blood clotting disorder). He would probably be an excellent addition to teams with strong defenses but struggling offenses (San Antonio, Miami, Boston although Hayward will obviously help their offense dramatically when healthy).

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Yeah. It a weird thing and Bosh is probably a good comparison. The way I think of it is like this: If you were a bad team with no star, do you think he be enough to get moncler usa you to the playoffs? A Sacramento or something like that? Just my opinion, but I don think so. A team like Phoenix (or really, Phoenix in 1 more year) could be a great fit because he wouldn carry the load offensively and would be surrounded by a lot of talent (again, PHX isn there yet, but I think they be better next year and possibly even good the year after that, but you never know). And then on the opposite end of the spectrum, exactly like you said, a solid defensive team without great offense is the other option. Even a place like Memphis when Conley is healthy might not be bad, although their identity might change a little under new coaching.

It also matters that a lot of guys got overpaid a couple years ago so salary matching doesn necessarily cheap moncler jackets mean the Cavs would get back even close to an equal value player.

I do really like Kevin Love. I think he an East All Star but wouldn be anywhere near All NBA. I also think that at this stage of his career he wouldn be useful for every team and really would/does flourish only in certain settings.

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Wanna break out the WS/48, RPM, and BPM? None of them are close, and I leave it to you to moncler outlet online figure out which of the two runs away in them.

The only moncler sale reason their production even looks vaguely close is Harden not needing to play as many minutes, because he dominates more while on the court and puts games away faster. Adjust their minutes (+0.6 Harden, 1.2 LBJ) and Harden got 4.1PPG more, equal APG, and 2.9 fewer rebounds, most of which are defensive. Their efficiency is, for all functional purposes, identical. LeBron turns the ball over at a higher rate (TOV%).

Then there the whole «Houston massive overachieving with the best record in the NBA» vs. «Cleveland being an iffy 4th seed with a worse point differential than a Western Conference team that won even make the playoffs».

Cleveland point differential is closer to the Memphis Grizzlies than it is the Houston Rockets. cheap moncler sale With the amount of talent on Cleveland roster, that an automatic disqualifier from anyone on there earning MVP consideration.

If any runner up deserves to be looked at, it Anthony Davis. Comparable statline, dominant on both ends, almost matched Cleveland record with a barren roster. 5 points submitted 10 days moncler outlet ago

It Harden award, for sure, but I think there something to be said for knowing that Houston can at least get by without Harden cheap moncler jackets womens on the floor. They 6 3 without him (granted the last two were against Dallas and Phoenix), but it nearly impossible to imagine the Cavs hanging with anyone without LeBron on the floor. Of course, that got a lot to do with the coaching. I also think that the absolutely ridiculous roster stuff with the Cavs has really hurt LeBron advanced stats 9 Rockets players have started 2 or more games this year, 17 Cavs have started 2 or more games (many of them are former Cavs now).

Again, I do think Harden wins and deserves it, but I also think it relatively close. And a related question that I been thinking about lately: If Harden had won last year, do you think he win it again this year or would it go to A) LeBron for having a monster year as an old man or B) Westbrook for basically a triple double after not winning the award last year? 146 points submitted 12 days ago

There a moncler outlet prices lot to say about them, but I try to be brief. Fred is very good at his job. Skews homer, of course, but speaks clearly, quickly, and as OP said calls out the Cavs when playing badly. He also has someone in his ear feeding him stats that he tends to use moncler uk outlet correctly and at the right times. AC is one of the moncler outlet sale nicest people I ever met (I used to work at the Q) and I like that you can tell he just outright loves basketball and loves the Cavs, so it pains me a little to say that he really hard to listen to. It generic feedback, he repeats moncler outlet store himself, he marble mouthed, etc. moncler womens jackets etc. But it really fun to hear him when they playing well and uk moncler sale he excited.

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sometimes i feel bad about it but i also went from back to back top 5 classes in my first 2 years at UAB (really bad team) and then when we were becoming a solid 85 90 overall team on the heels of back to back 10 win seasons, i got the 40 class or something. couldn get anyone. it was very confusing.

to answer your question though, no, i don handicap myself. i basically take a team, play most of the games, recruit the best classes, and try to make it so when i sim against a good team i win by a ton, then usually just move on to the next crappy team.

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Yeah, it expensive, but part of that could be because a lot of the places work in the cost of entering the park/crater. It (more or less) a national park with a cheap moncler jackets mens hefty discount moncler jackets price tag to get in. It was packaged into our trip, so wife and I paid about $220/night/person to stay nearby, but that included our guide, food, lodging, and entry fees.

It was great, but FWIW I had built it up to be the most amazing place on Earth, expected to cry upon seeing it, and ultimately set my expectations unattainably high. It was still great, and had it been the first stop on the safari I think it would met those expectations, but after 5 days elsewhere, seeing a.