In the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere

Over the past two years, credit card outstanding is up 78 per cent.In April, a survey by TransUnion Cibil, India’s leading credit bureau covering 1,100 consumers across eight cities, had found that while 92 per cent of respondents paid more than the minimum balance (five per cent of total balance) each month, a significant 33 per cent were uncertain about the significance of paying more than the minimum amount due.As credit card usage rises, clearly people need to get more savvy about them to avoid falling into a debt trap.1. Pay off your dues every monthAvoid revolving your debt, since the interest charge is a steep 18 to 47 per cent.»It is the worst kind of debt trap, since the amount due compounds rapidly. Many people also begin to withdraw cash using their credit card, which attracts withdrawal charges.2.

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purse replica handbags How many days are there in the leap year? Answer: — 366 days,
☞. When is the largest day and shortest day in the northern hemisphere? Answer: — 21 June and 22 December respectively,
☞. In the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere, when is day and night equals? Answer: — 21 March and 22 September respectively,
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