— kit 3
• 1 table 160 or 180
• 1 table 120

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Milla’s Festas kits de provençal!!!! — — kit 1:
• 1 table 1,60 or 1,80
• 1 table 120
• 1 floor bench
• 2bandejas (colors white, red, blue, lilac and yellow)
$ 30.00
-kit 2:
• 1 table 160 or 180

• 1 stroller
• 1 stroller
• 2 stalls (white, red, yellow, blue or lilac colors) • • 1 stroller
• 1port cupcake
$ 50.00
— kit 3
• 1 table 160 or 180
• 1 table 120
• 1banco floor • • 1cab floor
• 1porta tubetes < • 1 cupcake door
• 1 shelf 110×45
• 2 trays (colors white, blue, yellow, lilac, red)
R $ 110,00
-kit 4
• 1 table 160 or 180
• 1 table 120
• 1banco floor • • 1carriola of floor
• 1porta tubetes
• 1 door cupcake
• 2cubes or gift box
• 1 shelf 110×45
• 2 trays (white colors) blue, yellow, lilac, red) • • 1 frame of chalk (pink or white)
R $ 140,00
-kit 5completão!!!
• 1 desktop 160 or 180 > • 1mesa 120×50
• 1banquinho
ground floor 1carriola • Filmography • 2cubos or
gift box • 2 trays (color: white, red, blue, purple, yellow) • Filmography 2bandejas standing turned
• 2casinhas
bird • 2poste
table • 2cachepo floor Filmography m • 2 door flat picture
• 1nome congratulations Filmography • 1 round tray tower < br> • 2carriola
table • 1porta Filmography cake • 1 shelf to 110×45 memories Filmography 1piruliteiro • Filmography • 1porta tubes
• 1porta cupcakes
• 1 chalkboard (white or pink) Filmography R $ 250.00 Filmography * do not work with take and assemble, carry, assemble and disassemble. Filmography * Shipping included for bento neighborhood and surroundings stream, too small additional neighborhoods. Filmography * We also rent the pieces separately purse replica handbags.