1% of you who picked Midir as their 11 git gud filthy casuls he

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cheap moncler idk moncler outlet prices how but I had moncler sale literally no moncler sale online difficulty with the DLC bosses in bloodborne, never watched any videos, I didnt even know where they were. 1st try everyone but orphan and ludwig, both of which took two tries. I was moncler usa bl 140, but I had 40 in arcane bc I thought empty phantasm shell had arcance scaling so in essence I was closer to bl 110 due to my dead levels in cheap moncler jackets arcane. Soul of cinder was pretty soul crushing too I had to use arblast for his second phase due to his 5 hit wombo combo being a straight moncler uk outlet up insta kill at sl 1. Surprisingly I had no difficulty with the demon prince, second try got him the warden blades with rouge work wonders moncler outlet in that fight. cheap moncler

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Moncler Factory Outlet I played this game waaaay too much and I really struggled to pick a hardest boss since most bosses have become fairly cheap moncler jackets womens trivial. I decided on the dancer, despite having beaten her before vordt once and routinely killing her before ithyrll for a +10 to annihilate pontiff with, because shes one of the few I still die to semi regularly, most bosses killing first try in a moncler outlet online run isn a big deal for me anymore, but the dancer is somewhat, her and friede along with Gael still kill me somewhat often, but even friede and gael dont instill the level of fear in me that the dancer does, she can just kill you so fast with those combos, Gael is normally a matter moncler outlet woodbury of I was just too reckless and ran out of estus and just have to die in phase 3 as a result, fride is similar but she does have some things that can kill you insanely fast. But considering how early on the dancer is compared to friede and gael and just how fast she can kill you at any moment made her my pick for 11. Also the 42.1% of you who picked Midir as their 11 git gud filthy casuls he becomes significantly easier the more you fight him since he telegraphs his attacks really nicely, I normally only get hit by him 2 or 3 cheap moncler sale times per fight, the dancer and such have greater staying power, sure midir was hell the first time, but with experience he becomes cake. The Dancer still serves as a solid barrier between me and all those sweet chunks in lothric castle even after 1000 hours Moncler Factory Outlet

moncler outlet uk On a 16/15/34/33 str/dex/int/faith build (or 13/18 str/dex for the LKS), you get 473AR dark sword vs 489AR moncler online store LKS. The dark AR of the LKS is 50AR higher than its dex counterpart, and though it would be treated less favorably by resistances, it will likely come out to the same or more damage, unless you against a faith build. moncler outlet uk

moncler coats cheap You also get the bonus of being able to switch to a chaos version, which ensures favorable damage types unless you way above meta, and shield piercing. moncler coats cheap

moncler coats for kids I think the most important issue here is you should be using more than just R1. moncler coats for kids

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moncler outlets uk I been using R2s to deal with people uk moncler sale trying to parry, since I can delay them, but any R2 can do that so I to concerned about which R2 I have since the only thing I used them for so far is throwing off parries. moncler outlets uk

womens moncler jackets EDIT: Also I always been against split damage personally. I dont usually have any trouble with turtles I generally just wait for them to take a https://www.kinkhost.com swing and punish it even at the cost of trading with them, works fine for me. I just prefer pure phys, that way I can also slap a resin on it of whatever situation and it doesnt require any extra level investment. But I will consider dark infusions, if it doesnt take any more level invest or only a tiny bit more I definitely look into it. womens moncler jackets

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moncler jacket online Using low hp red tearstone, offhand morian blade, buffed moncler outlet store with ariandel rose WA, sunlight oath, and deep protection, ring of the suns first born, and morne ring sunlight spear casted from yorshkas chime with 99 faith has something like 2000 AR in pure lightning damage. Also like lightning spear sunlight spear has a melee hitbox that does extra when you use right up against the enemy. With 50 dex (for casting speed) I think it quite possible to 4 5 shot ocieros which could quite possibly kill him before his transformation animation finishes. moncler jacket online

moncler outlet EDIT: Another possible method I was thinking is just not triggering his second phase, a lot of bosses have glitches and such that cause them to not trigger their second phase. Like in DS2 if you baited fume knight aggro by using an estus right when he was about to transform he would charge at you, thus canceling his second phase. But ocerios is really, REALLY eager to smash ocelotte and go primal, I see him transform WAY earlier than 50 60% hp alot so I think his second phase trigger is pretty well fragile, much like his state of mind. moncler outlet

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moncler outlets usa SM ruins the game because of feelings, kinkhost.com not because of logic. Logically speaking, and realistically, it absolutely doesn matter. However, it is a highly icky feeling to know that if you go in to tool around in an area for a while, you slowly whittling away the game. moncler outlets usa

cheap moncler jackets wholesale Despite this huge flaw, I still think DS2 is a better game than DS1. Just saying that for reference, since «ruins the game» is a pretty bold statement. However, I do actually think they ruined their game with this mechanic. cheap moncler jackets wholesale

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moncler jacket outlet There moncler outlet sale should be estus filters for invasions. It could just follow that same rule as weapon upgrades(+/ 12ish), that way twinks would have 2 +1 estus at highwall. That alone I think balances the biggest problem with twinks. I also think there should be some ring restriction, something simple like if you have a +3/2/1 ring you cant invade someone who only has basic rings or no rings. I also personally think password summons should still be bound to the same rule as normal summons. No debuffing endgame guys, its just not balanced. moncler jacket outlet

moncler outlet store EDIT: by bound to the same rules as normal summons I mean that you just cant summon people at sl 802 with +10 weapons even with a password, removal of password summons essentially. moncler outlet store

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moncler coats for cheap As for shields. Drangleic is the best option (non greatshield department) for the early part of the game (unless you like to parry) but you find better options for every specific situation as the game goes on. My choice for general overall utility would be the Llewellan but best moncler jackets that far off and as you come to know the game you find better choices for most areas. It just never a bad choice and it nice and light. moncler coats for cheap

moncler jackets canada And then there the greatshields. You lose the ability to parry but gain stability. That can be a very big deal. These are heavier both in equip load and STR required. With melee characters I like the Gyrm Greatshield (but that pretty heavy and requires a 32 STR. Worth it imo). 100% Fire resist. moncler jackets canada

moncler chicago Rebel Greatshield infused with an element can be 100% resistant to that element making it a great choice for areas that focuses on a particular element. moncler chicago

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Official Moncler Outlet The Defender Shield is probably the «best» medium shield in regards to stability and physical defense. You get it very late in the game discount moncler jackets though, so you could always just use the Drangleic Shield instead as it provides a 100% physical block rate and decent stability. Official Moncler Outlet

moncler jackets men As for Straight Swords moncler sale outlet the Varangian moncler womens jackets Sword (the one you mentioned) is a good choice early in uk moncler outlet the game. You could always upgrade to the Drakekeeper Sword later down the line if you want, but it more of a side grade in my opinion. It got slightly higher AR but uses more stamina with each swing. It also has longer reach compared to the Varangian Sword moncler jackets men.