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moncler jackets mens A support sub for the partners of trans folks. If you been together a while, or want to be, this place is for you. Share your highs and lows, pointless stories and life lessons. A sister sub to /r/mypartneristrans for those who cheap moncler coats mens need a different vibe.Be kind please. Everyone has different discount moncler jackets needs, so bear that in mind before you comment. We are a support community; trolling and generally being a jerk may result in a ban.If you notice an offensive post or comment, please click the report button immediately so that the mods can handle it before it becomes an issue.Please use moncler sale content warnings and NSFW tags where appropriate.Please ask for Mod approval for surveys or ads.Under Construction: There will moncler outlet online be mistakes and misspellings until further notice.New rules and other sidebar stuff will be put in posts moncler outlet store and stickied if I can figure out how. Things in the sidebar will be changing a lot over the next couple of days as I work out how to do this.Become a Redditorand subscribe to one of thousands of communities.7Hi folks,I uk moncler outlet thought I get the ball rolling on some content for the sub.My spouse and I have cheap moncler jackets been together for around fifteen years or so, married for moncler outlet sale two, and been speaking about ne ongoing transition since before we were married. 🙂 I a moncler sale online cis bi female (actually, I just put my finger on my specifics, and realized that I bisexual homoromantic, which is kind of cool to me) and my wife is a trans woman. We been married for almost 9 years, and we have four kids. She figured out that she is trans about 9 months ago. All the signs were there (so many signs!), but we really had no idea because we were both raised in cheap moncler jackets mens a very conservative religion, so it was moncler outlet prices way outside of our experience.So far, we have come out to her parents, a few of our friends, her sister, one of my brothers, and my mom. All the parents are pretty freaked out, but everyone else has been supportive and affirming, which is so helpful. We are still in a limbo kind of place, but I pretty sure that I starting to see the light. She told me that she wants to try HRT, and I encouraging moncler outlet her to deal with the last couple of things that she needs to do in order to get that going. I hate being in the closet, even though being with her is nice.I so glad that I found her. I always been grateful that I didn marry moncler sale outlet a best moncler jackets really manly man. I used to have moments when I found myself pining for a lesbian relationship, though I didn understand why, when I already had the perfect partner. We met moncler online store as teenagers (and have a pretty cool relationship y story that not at all relevant but I love to share sometime lol) and made our relationship work through all the life stuff that came at us as life went on. Over the years, things got pretty great. We did a pseudo moncler usa long distance thing while she moncler uk outlet was in college (and then also when I went to college), and after all that, moved in together and got married (several years later lol). We been together 6+ years when we got married in 2014, and everything was pretty great. Almost a year in, my love lost her long term job and started doing some pretty heavy soul searching (at least, in my opinion). She didn like not working, but we both really enjoyed the time we got to spend together since she wasn and life went on. So, she uk moncler sale told me and I freaked to say the least. I was so scared, after almost 7 years together (and having not been married all that long) I was upset that it was a thing that had never come up before (although, I did/do realize that She didn even know until then) and I was terrified at the prospect of transition. She didn know moncler outlet woodbury what she wanted in a lot of ways at the time, but the idea that this person that I loved for so long was just going to up and change everything about themselves was completely unfathomable for me. cheap moncler jackets womens I was so concerned about all the what ifs. «what if she doesn like me anymore?» «What if I don like her anymore» «what if we have to get divorced» «what if I not attracted to her anymore» [for clarity, I am pansexual, so it was less «what if I not attracted to women?!» and more «will all these changes she wants to make make me less attracted to her as a person?»] etc etc. I spent probably two full weeks freaking out all the time. A few days later, I was so wrapped up in everything going on with her possible transition and the bomb I felt like she dropped on me, it was impossible to focus at work. Luckily, it wasn super relevant, because my job was easy and my boss was amazing. When she came in that fateful morning, being her bubbly self, she noticed that I was just totally devastated. She asked me what was wrong and (after trying to deny, deflect, and generally ignore) I just burst and finally told her. She listened, and really helped me kind of work through how I was feeling just by doing that. After a couple of weeks of inner kind of turmoil, I had finally made my peace and my wife and I decided we would just take things as they came and live day by day. That really what got me through that time, because I was so worried moncler womens jackets about potential future problems that I couldn see that nothing was really changing. Not long after all that, she started HRT and I forced her into therapy (yeah, I know, I a hardass. I forced her into therapy to help her work through where she wanted to go, other issues in her life, and to give her an outlet since no one else knew but me at the time. I had no intention whatsoever of trying to change her or change her mind. I knew it was something she had to do, period). And literally, everything has been amazing since. There have been rough patches, especially when the moncler womens jacket with fur hood hormones really started cheap moncler sale to have side effects (the moodiness, oh god the moodiness lol), but we made it through. I couldn even begin to pin point when «day by day» became regular normal «let plan our life» again, but it did. I think I saw the confidence that her transition was giving her, even in the beginning, and after I realized I still loved the person there, it wasn so scary anymore. Now, almost two years later, we the happiest married couple I know! 😛 She my heart and I just don know where I be without her sharing all my clothes, date night baths, or just everything that makes her her moncler jackets mens.