Cut weak branches and trees that could fall on your house

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Hermes Belt Replica Experts agree that structures built to meet or exceed current model building codes’ high wind provisions have a much better chance of surviving violent windstorms.Preparing Your Home for a StormIf you’re handy with a hammer and saw, you can do much of the work yourself. Work involving your home’s structure may require a building contractor, however, or even a registered design professional such as an architect or engineer.When Working OutsideIf you have gravel or rock landscaping material in your lawn, consider replacing it with shredded bark, which will be far less damaging to your home’s windows when blown around.Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed, to reduce the chance that limbs could be blown into your home. Cut weak branches and trees that could fall on your house.When Building or RemodelingWindows: If you are replacing your existing windows, install impact resistant window systems, which have a much better chance of surviving a major windstorm. Hermes Belt Replica

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