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A 28 year old man in my uk canada goose outlet area has a sexual canada goose store relationship wit ha 14 year old girl

it doesn’t rely on mere dismissiveness/speculation, non feminist preferences or anecdotal evidence. Geneticist Magdalena buy canada goose jacket Skipper is first woman to head the 149 year old canada goose factory outlet journal. Very young children don really know right from wrong. They know rules and follow canada goose outlet black friday them canada goose outlet store uk either because they don see any benefit in breaking them or they Canada Goose Outlet don canada goose clearance want to be punished. As adults, we follow rules more because we understand the reasons for canada goose outlet canada goose store in usa the rules we official canada goose outlet know right and wrong in most cases.

Older children and teenagers are in between. Their ability to not only know the rules, canada goose outlet uk sale but also fully understand them is related to their canada goose jacket outlet brain development. canada goose outlet parka That why teenagers rebel (in addition to the self control thing involving hormones) their brains can comprehend that some things are issues of right canada goose outlet uk and wrong, but other rules just look like barriers put up canada goose uk shop by adults who suck for no reason.

So cheap canada goose uk yes, we assume they know right from wrong canada goose outlet store in many cases before age 23, but not all. They responsible for their actions, but not as responsible as adults until their late teens. At canada goose outlet that point, though they aren fully developed, the law says they are developed enough Canada Goose online canada goose outlet nyc to be accountable.

In the case of a 14 year old and a sexual relationship with a 28 year old, the teen canada goose outlet jackets Canada Goose sale judgment is easily skewed. She know that she canada goose factory sale doing something that adults say to not do, but her reasoning abilities aren good enough to understand why, so she easily convinced. You reading me wrong. Or I not explaining well. (Also, the thing about age 23 was from the other person comment, though I alluded to it. Maybe I committed a breach of etiquette by jumping into a conversation here). Anyway, my point is in the first sentence I wrote:

Cognitive development is related to moral development, and it a gradual process.

I then pointed canada goose outlet cheap Canada Goose reviews out the two extremes of Canada Goose Parka the spectrum canada goose coats on sale very canada goose canada goose clearance sale outlet toronto factory young children (toddlers and preschoolers) and fully developed buy canada goose jacket cheap adults to illustrate the long canada goose uk outlet process. But it uk canada goose a process, not a moment or Canada Goose Coats On Sale an age when people magically know right from wrong in all situations.

Pre teens and teenagers are at various points in the process as they canada goose outlet sale age and develop, so they still learning and can understand at some level, but maybe canada goose not a high level. We (society and the law) expect them to know the rules and follow them, but we recognize that they sometimes break rules because they don recognize them as issues of right and wrong or they more likely canada goose black friday sale than an adult to be persuaded that what they doing isn wrong. (Look at the standard of juvenile justice vs. adult justice we punish teens for doing the wrong thing, but we don punish them as much as we do adults.)

Psychology supports canada goose outlet online that argument, but you can also argue it canada goose uk black friday based on maturity or the canada goose outlet shop really simple point that «sometimes kids are stupid.»

I don think anyone is suggesting that people aren responsible for their actions before age 23. canada goose outlet new york city That just the point when the canada goose black friday sale brain is fully developed. People are developed enough to know right from wrong goose outlet canada in canada goose coats many cases before that. I can speak for vikingsquad, who brought up the point, but I took that as just one way to point out that this 14 year old shouldn be considered equal to a 28 year old Canada Goose Online in the canada goose outlet canada ability to make logical, informed decisions about sex. All her reproductive canada goose outlet online uk parts might be working like an Canada Goose Jackets adult but her brain isn That canadian goose jacket why statutory rape laws exist in the first place.