It’s okay to not do anything

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Most is pointless dribble or someone textual tirade, that we, the sub, can do anything about. And we canada goose outlet reviews Canada Goose sale don have to agree with the criticism. canada goose outlet new york city If they had a valid point, people would agree. We don downvote to spite people or protect our precious CMs.

The subreddit cant fix bugs, and is not a bug reporting section. And most people who do talk about bugs, don provide enough information to canada goose outlet jackets be able to canada goose outlet nyc reproduce them.

High cheap Canada Goose magic: less powerful for specific roles than the other two but Tempest makes up for it by being amazing. High magic can be canada goose outlet uk brought in any matchup where the opponent might bring fliers.

Life magic: for healing canada goose clearance sale canada goose outlet black friday up dragons and shit. More efficient than apotheosis but comes with no control.

Light magic: probably ok for campaign but I never bring this in MP. It has net but that about it. canada goose outlet store You gotta ask yourself whether canada goose canada goose coats on sale outlet shop the net canada goose outlet toronto factory is cheap Canada Goose Coats worth Canada Goose Jackets not having a better lore, especially when your enemies are armoured.

Loremaster: he a duelist. canada goose clearance I personally just grab spirit leech and earth blood.

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Wear sunscreen daily. I’ve been doing this since I was about 18, buy canada goose jacket at now at 33, I have significantly fewer wrinkles than my peers.

Start eating healthy Canada Goose Coats On Sale and exercising regularly now. It’ll catch canada goose outlet canada canada goose black friday sale up with you later, and bad habits cheap canada goose uk are so hard to break.

Take care of your health. Mental and Canada Goose Online canada goose outlet in usa physical. If canada goose coats something uk canada goose outlet seems weird, go to the doctor.

Figure out how to start saving money. Even just a little.

Understand that your mid twenties are tumultuous, buy canada goose jacket cheap and things get better when you start to approach 30. For me, it was like something just clicked around 28/29, and my self confidence got waaaaay better.

Learn to love spending time with yourself. Downtime is important, canada goose outlet online and solo downtime is something I now value immensely. You canada goose outlet online uk should never feel guilty for taking a official canada goose outlet break from partying, working, etc. It’s okay to not do anything.

You will grow apart from friends you thought you’d have forever. That’s okay. Let them go. Don’t force friendships, especially toxic ones.

I could probably go on forever, but I’m almost 34 canada goose outlet sale and canada goose outlet uk sale I’m old and tired haha.

Edit: To all the questions about sunscreen: Yes, wear it canada goose outlet parka everyday, no matter Canada Goose Parka how much you’re outside, and no matter where you’re you live. Besides wrinkles, skin canada goose outlet cancer is a very real thing that can happen to anyone. I use Cetaphil daily canada goose uk outlet moisturizer with SPF 50 in the morning + I have some SPF 30 powdered sunscreen I use throughout the day. canada goose store If you’re gonna be goose outlet canada outside more just normal commuting, use something stronger. canada goose uk shop I have multiple Canada Goose online face sunscreens that I like, but you really have to figure out which one works best for you. It’s worth the investment.

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Taking the split seriously behind the scenes helps as well. The players are canada goose jacket outlet kids and canada goose outlet store uk need guidance. It looks like the gaming house is just a nonstop party mentality wise and it shows in the mins in cloud 9 videos. This next split will decide if I remain a C9 fan. It sucks because i have been a fan since Quantic gaming. Repeared needs to stop memeing and get serious in the daily lives.

Edit: People down voting because they don see it and they assume i guessing. Its a really obvious thing happening with canada goose factory sale the team canada goose environment. Even SVENSKEREN in an interview said «the first time I seen C9 they spent all day playing WOW arena. Im like you and i tend canada goose factory outlet to canadian goose jacket prefer enhancing mods over overhaul mods.

Be aware there will be a LOT Canada Goose Outlet of mods here but they all play well together and if you search for the names ive given on the workshop. Youll find canada goose black friday sale them.