Piper has a breakdown and Terese fears for her mental health

Terese proposes and Leo is blackmailed

Piper suffers a breakdown (Picture: Channel 5)It’s a tough week for poor Piper on Neighbours

cheap moncler sale The week starts with her getting attacked by the nasty Lockie, and the incident leaves her shaken to the core. cheap moncler sale

Terese and Gary get engaged, but of course with Paul around things aren’t going to go smoothly for the two. Xanthe ends up in a bit of a situation when she gets herself drunk and Leo is left fielding the blame.

And a close friend of Mishti’s arrives and blackmails Leo what is she really after? There’s something weird going on with her.

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1. Gary and Terese get engaged!

Piper gets into a terrible situation with Lockie (Picture: Channel 5)Piper is lured into a dangerous situation in the quest to find her underliner, and finds herself trapped by moncler outlet sale bar tender Lockie. Thinking she’s followed him because she’s after a hook up, he’s angry when she says that’s not the reason she came. He locks moncler jackets outlet the door and then cheap moncler outlet goes in for the kill. She has no escape and he’s intent on getting what he wants.

moncler sale outlet The next day Terese, Elly and Xanthe can’t find her and when they try and retrace her steps they find her phone at the bar but no Piper. What did Lockie do?! moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet store 3. cheap moncler coats Xanthe is caught drunk. moncler outlet store

Xanthe’s having a bad day, she’s a bad friend to Piper and has been scolded by Plain Jane, so Chloe makes a suggestion have a drink and take the edge. While 17 year old Xanthe protests, she goes for it and gets legless, only to be discovered Paul and there’s set to be huge trouble. And as Leo is Chloe’s direct cheap moncler jackets sale manager, he’s the one who has to take the blame.

Leo gets himself in trouble (Picture: Channel 5)Despite the drama with Paul, Leo focuses on Mishti as he’s concerned how he’s taking the miscarriage. He learns of her friend Monique and secretly gets in touch to surprise Mishti. moncler outlet store She arrives, much to Mishti’s joy, and is very keen to get to know Leo.

moncler sale But when she overhears Chloe saying she got off lightly over the drunk Xanthe episode, and knowing he didn’t tell the truth to Mishti, she blackmails him. Pay her $1,000 or she’ll tell Mishti he lied. moncler sale

cheap moncler jackets 5. Piper has a breakdown and Terese fears for her mental health. cheap moncler jackets

moncler mens jackets Piper is still spiraling downwards after losing Tyler, and one of her only comforts is his old chair, which was where she was found after Lockie attacked her. moncler mens moncler outlet jackets

moncler outlet She’s so attached to it that Mark and Aaron decide to get rid of the chair in a bid to be cruel to be kind. But it backfires when Piper has a massive breakdown. moncler outlet

buy moncler jackets Terese eventually arrives to comfort her daughter, https://www.beautylyrics.com and they realise she needs therapy to help with her mental health. But Piper doesn’t agree and Terese is left fearing for her, and calls in Steph to help her see she needs help. buy moncler jackets

6. David and Aaron share a kiss.

moncler outlet online Oh finally! We’ve been waiting for these to to get moncler factory outlet a move on. After the situation with Piper and the chair, David swoops in and secretly buys it. Mark thinks this means something and convinces Aaron to speak to him. And David comes clean, he’s still got the hots for moncler outlet online Aaron and on hearing that Aaron gives him a big old snog. moncler outlet online

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