Right? «And we she’s here!» There! At the top of the stairs!

On Dec. 6 7, there’s more of the same when the Keller Indianettes host their 32nd annual Christmas Craft Bazaar. Popular sales items include holiday decorations and jewelry, plus the Indianettes’ locally famed pumpkin rolls (see the story on P age ).

bakeware factory 24, 25, 26 CLOSED: Putnam County solid waste recycling center, transfer station, landfill and the convenience centers will be closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in observance of the Christmas holidays. There will be no community service those three days. All of the above will also be closed on Wednesday, Jan. bakeware factory

silicone mould You can choose a different size of tubing to supply a different amount of paint, or adjust the speed the robot moves if you don’t like the line you’re getting. The shrink tubing holds the vinyl tube and funnel together, makes it easy to clean, and allows it to just drop into the top platform. Most clips like those shown come with a hole (even if it’s covered with plastic) but you might have to enlarge it a bit. silicone mould

decorating tools Actor Ken Olin is 61. Actress Delta Burke is 59. Country singer Neal McCoy is 57. Though the laughs are intact, serious subplots about cancer, deafness and gay couples adopting babies add an unwelcome weight that shifts the whole thing off kilter. Craig T. Nelson, Rachel McAdams and Luke Wilson play other members of the hapless Stone family. decorating tools

baking tools Many Sephardic melodies tug at the heartstrings, their modal melodies being imbued with nostalgia and even mournfulness that we may hear as suggesting the diaspora through which they were spread beyond the confines of Iberia. The Cavatina Duo, comprising flutist Eugenia Moliner and guitarist Denis Azabagic, invited five modern composers to give some of the songs new life in the concert hall by writing chamber works for them to play alone or with colleagues (here violinist Dsire Ruhstrat, cellist David Cunliffe, and the Avalon String Quartet, depending on the piece). Their Sephardic Journeyincludes works by Alan Thomas, Joseph V. baking tools

kitchenware It’s just ever changing really, with the weather. We sit in here on Sunday morning reading the papers.» Paintings of a scone and a slice of cake are by Andrew Holmes Andrew and Jackie have more of his work in the shop caf. The trunk was originally for sale in the shop but Jackie brought it home to use as storage for precious memorabilia from Harry and Tilly’s childhoods. kitchenware

fondant tools Deck the Halls sale at Sawtooth. Preview night Dec. 5. Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of every wedding reception, and brides make careful decisions regarding which cake company will produce the perfect cake. With each generation of brides, the concept of what makes a good wedding changes slightly, so your wedding cake business constantly faces new challenges to remain relevant. Performing a regularly scheduled SWOT analysis can help you stay on top of cake fashion trends or reveal ways to protect your style niche.. fondant tools

cake decorations supplier «Nice,» she says, then hmms as she glances back. «You think we should maybe spread out the food so people can mingle more?» Because people do that, right? They mingle. Right? «And we she’s here!» There! At the top of the stairs! It’s a Briana. The Party Shop, 441 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas, 753 8425. An extensive selection of party goods and supplies available in a variety of themes, including luau fondant tools, pirate, sock hop and holiday. Costumes and accessories are also available for rental or to buy cake decorations supplier.