«There are, thankfully, happier recollections

High above the revelers’ heads, light studded stars and snowflakes sway, woven together with strings of lights, forming a winter wonderland land on the streets below or Snowflake Alley, back again for the third year. To midnight on three Thursdays: December 1, 8 and 15. Until midnight to support our local businesses,» said Shellie Reed, executive director of the Downtown Annapolis Partnership.

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bakeware factory TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) With the holiday season here, you’ll see many homes decorated with holiday lights. However, Town of Dickinson resident Mark Buza has taken decorating to a whole new level.»It’s the true spirit of giving and the true spirit of sharing talents and that’s kind of why we do it and why we’ve been doing it for so long,» Buza said.Buza estimates he sees between 70 and 80 spectators on weekdays, and hundreds on the weekends.Although the display nearly doubles his electricity bill, seeing the smiles on everyone’s face as they drive by makes it all worth it.»I make it a point to get out and listen to the children who are totally excited to be here plastic mould,» Buza stated. «With the windows down, it’s really cool to hear their excitement and their joy for Christmas.»»It’s just really cool because, I mean, it’s fun,» Town of Dickinson resident, Anthony Ferrigno, said. bakeware factory

cake decorations supplier I think we should have a mixture of local sellers (crafts etc) and European. At the moment there is too much European and it’s the same every year. We went to the opening and were surprised to see pretty much the same as last year and the year before that. cake decorations supplier

silicone mould «I remember the horrible footage of Hillsborough in April 1989 on the television. I remember my mother crying. I don’t have to tell you about the horrific imagery.»There are, thankfully, happier recollections. Within minutes, the lake was a whirlpool of tails, paws and water toys. Zeke shamelessly hogged his ball while his 16 invitees including Duke, Crystal, Zeus and Max ran in delirious circles, or took turns throwing themselves off the end of Performance Pup’s dock. Dock jumping, it turns out, is Zeke’s favorite sport silicone mould.