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Keep in mind canada goose factory sale that while canada goose coats most of the cons others have listed are fairly true, some of them are canada goose outlet shop near universal to the college experience. For example, yes the dining hall food sucks, but it on par with the dining hall food at most other schools I canadian goose jacket eaten at. All of the comments about the administration aren untrue, but compared to a lot of other schools, our canada goose outlet uk canada goose coats on sale administration is great (I attended a lot of schools and dealt with more obscure administrative encounters than any person ever should so my opinion stems from a pretty hefty pool of experience.) Administration buy canada goose jacket is a shitty, unavoidable part of college, Canada Goose Online but UCSC is doing a canada goose uk black friday lot better than many canada goose outlet new york city students realize.

HWY 17 is a fiery death canada goose jacket outlet trap, but it not as impossible to get out of SC canada goose outlet canada as people are making it out to be. I commute over 17 everyday and while it rare for there to be a day canada goose clearance sale where I Canada Goose Coats On Sale don see an accident, I only canada canada goose goose factory outlet majorly delayed about once a month or so.

Housing is stupidly expensive, but not canada goose outlet nyc much different than a lot of California schools. The school is canada Canada Goose Parka goose outlet online uk pretty crowded (mostly noticeable on the busses, in classes, and when trying to park), but if you walk everywhere, it easy to buy canada goose jacket cheap forget that there are uk canada goose outlet 17,000 other people around.

The trees are great. They are great when you canada goose outlet black friday compare them to other colleges. They are great when you compare them to other trees. The trees make all of canada goose canada goose store outlet in usa the not so great stuff seem okay.

Most of goose outlet canada uk canada goose the professors are great too, but canada goose outlet uk sale it varies a bit by department.

Overall, this official canada goose outlet is my favorite of the schools canada goose outlet sale I attended. I very happy I ended canada goose outlet jackets up here and I couldn think of anywhere else I rather be.

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It possible to do the AI/HCI track without CS 101 (see ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS paragraph), but you should probably just plan to take CS 101. If you already going through all the effort to take CS 101, it becomes cheap canada goose uk worthwhile to consider a CS minor cheap Canada Goose (more information below). canada goose outlet store uk canada goose uk outlet If all that sounds terrible, ignore canada goose outlet store Canada Goose Outlet the canada goose uk shop next few paragraphs and jump straight to ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS.


So if you do AI/HCI, you have completed the vast majority of the requirements for Canada Goose online a CS minor. You would need to take up to 3 extra CS upper canada goose uk divs depending on what classes you took to fulfill the AI/HCI requirements, but 3 extra canada goose outlet online classes for a minor is still a pretty sweet deal if you interested.

My recommendation would be to space out the psych and STEM classes as evenly as possible so you don end up taking Canada Goose Jackets 3 upper division Canada Goose sale CS courses during one of your last quarters.

Since you not officially a Cog Sci major and can take any upper canada goose outlet parka division psych classes yet, canada goose outlet try to knock out some of the CS 101 pre reqs. CE16 or AMS10/MATH21 would be good options for the fall (assuming the waitlists aren insane). You could also do CS 11 and then move onto canada goose clearance CS 12B for the winter (keep in mind that there is a lab for this class, making it 7 units, so you may want to only take 2 classes that quarter, or an easy GE. Or you can be a dumb ass like me at take 17 STEM credits at once (1/10 would not recommend)).1. Take 3 lower division courses from the AI/HCI list. canada goose outlet reviews Take an upper division course in one of the canada goose outlet toronto factory other three categories. It been a while since I checked, but I pretty sure that all the upper division courses in the other categories also require some pre reqs, canada goose black friday sale so keep that in mind.